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Maintain Control of Your Vehicle

When it comes to the steering and handling of your vehicle, proper wheel alignment plays a crucial role. With proper alignment, you’re able to fully control your vehicle and direct it wherever you want to go. To ensure that’s always the case, it needs to go through realignment service every now and then, and that’s where LMC Complete Automotive in Spring, Texas can help. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art alignment tools to ensure the wheels of your vehicle are properly meeting the road. Whether you’re suffering from pulling or vibrations, we know how to handle any issue your vehicle is experiencing.

Do You Need Realignment?

Wheel alignment is crucial to your vehicle’s performance, and it’s important that you recognize the signs of misalignment as soon as possible. Doing so allows you to get ahead of the issue before it worsens, which would ruin your overall driving experience. If you suspect misalignment in your vehicle, look out for these classic signs!


When the steering wheel is in a neutral position, your vehicle should drive in a straight line, barring any inconsistencies with the road. If you notice that your vehicle is drifting when the steering wheel is in a neutral spot, or if the steering wheel must be turned in a specific direction to stay straight, you are dealing with pulling and wheel misalignment. We recommend a realignment service at your first convenience, as this is a difficult issue to drive with and can be very dangerous.

Minor or Major Vibrations

Unless you are driving over rumble strips, you should never feel vibrations coming from the steering wheel. If you notice that your vehicle is vibrating while on a flat, smooth road, that is another sign of wheel misalignment. This is caused when the wheels of your vehicle are working against each other and pull in different directions. Like pulling, this is difficult and dangerous to deal with, so we recommend a realignment service as soon as possible.

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Proper alignment is crucial to your vehicle’s handling and control. Ensure that you always have full control of your vehicle by scheduling a wheel realignment service with LMC Complete Automotive in Spring, Texas. Our ASE Certified technicians can quickly realign your vehicle’s suspension system, so you don’t have to fight your vehicle for control. Have questions about our services? Want to schedule a visit? Give us a call at [autolab field=’display_phone’] to speak with one of our auto professionals today! We also accept walk-in clients, just visit us at 23018 Aldine Westfield Road, down the street from Walgreens! We look forward to serving you!