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Whenever our customers first visit LMC Complete Automotive for an oil service, the last thing we remind them to do is to schedule their next oil change with us. No, it’s not to get more money from you. It’s to ensure that your vehicle is performing at its best by always having the most motor oil for its engine. A consistent oil change is a crucial maintenance requirement that all great vehicle owners do to preserve the performance and longevity of their vehicle. If your vehicle is in need of this service, know that our team can help you out. Located in Spring, Texas, our ASE Certified technicians help you find the best motor oil for your vehicle and budget. Then they quickly remove the old and install the new, so your vehicle is experiencing the benefits of fresh motor oil right away! Give us a call or visit our shop and see how we can fill your vehicle with the best motor oil in the industry!

Do You Need an Oil Change?

Although consistent oil changes are an important maintenance requirement that should not be ignored, understanding the signs of bad oil may just be as important. This allows you to understand when your vehicle will need an oil change, and this information comes in handy if you haven’t had an oil change service in a while. If you think your vehicle needs an oil change, inspect the oil and look for these signs of bad oil!

Dark Color

As time goes on and the motor oil continues to cycle through your vehicle’s engine, it will lose its clear, amber appearance and take on a darker, dirtier look. Don’t panic if you see this! It just means that the motor oil is doing its job. This darker color also means that your vehicle is due for an oil change. Continuing to cycle this dirty oil through the engine could have negative results if you wait too long!

Gritty Texture

Along with the appearance of the motor oil, also pay attention to its texture. When clean, the motor oil will have a slimy, smooth texture to it. Once the oil gets dirty, it will take on a grittier texture as it has picked up a variety of contaminants from the engine. If you see or feel this from your vehicle’s motor oil, it will need an oil change very soon.

Also make sure you look for any big metal flakes. It is normal to see metal flakes in the motor oil, but typically these will be too small to see or feel. If you notice giant flakes in the motor oil, that may be a sign of engine trouble and you’ll need additional service to properly determine the problem!

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For your vehicle to perform the way you’d like it to, it needs a consistent oil change to ensure fresh, clean oil is circulating through the engine. If you’re overdue for an oil change, make sure you schedule it with LMC Complete Automotive in Spring, Texas. Our ASE Certified technicians will help pick out the best motor oil for your vehicle and add it into the engine. By the end of your visit, your vehicle will experience all the benefits that come with fresh motor oil. Call our shop at [autolab field=’display_phone’] to schedule your oil change service today! We also accept walk-in customers, so feel free to stop by at your convenience! We’re located on 23018 Aldine Westfield Road, down the street from Walgreens! We look forward to serving you!