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At LMC Complete Automotive, we’re here to share an important message — the check engine light is not your enemy. For years, drivers have stressed about the check engine light and its vague nature. They get frustrated with the lack of answers it provides and instead of acting on it, ignore it and continue to drive. We’re here to let you know that this crucial warning signal is actually what’s preventing your vehicle from falling into a state of disrepair. This light lets you know when an issue, major or minor, is going on with your vehicle so you can have it fixed. If you see this light come on, make sure you visit our shop in Spring, Texas as soon as possible. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment to provide you with sustainable auto solutions. We give you the answers you need, so you know what to do next!

How Bad is The Issue?

Although the check engine light doesn’t provide you with a lot of information, it does provide you with enough to determine the next course of action. If you are unsure of how bad the problem may be, look out for these engine light signs! They may be what prevents your vehicle from sustaining serious damage!

Steady Light

When the check engine light is on, you’ll probably see a steady light. This light is telling you that there is a minor problem going on within your vehicle. Unfortunately, there are a lot of causes for this light and it can be difficult to determine it without a diagnostic tool. We recommend a visit to our shop to properly identify what’s going on. Although your vehicle is fine for the moment, continuing to drive with the engine light on could lead to serious damage later on.

Bonus Tip: if you see this light, make sure you either tighten or replace the gas cap as a loose gas cap is a common trigger for the light. Once replaced or tightened, drive a few miles and see if your vehicle’s computer system accepts the adjustment. If not, then you’ll need to schedule a visit with us.

Flashing Light

A flashing light indicates a major problem within your vehicle, with the common cause being a misfiring engine. If you see this light, please stop driving your vehicle immediately and visit our shop. Continuing to drive your vehicle, even with a minor misfire, will only cause more damage. This could lead to an expensive repair bill and, in severe situations, cause your vehicle to catch on fire!

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When the check engine light is on in your vehicle, it’s important for you to understand what’s going on. This allows you to act appropriately, instead of doing something that could hurt your vehicle down the road. If you need answers to this stress-inducing light, let LMC Complete Automotive in Spring, Texas provide you with the answers. Our ASE Certified technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment to quickly identify and fix the cause of the light. By the time you leave our facility, the engine light will be no more! Call our shop at [autolab field=’display_phone’] to schedule an appointment with our team today! If you need service ASAP, we accept walk-in clients and will be happy to help you! We’re located on 23018 Aldine Westfield Road, down the street from Walgreens! We look forward to serving you!