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Smooth Drives, Strong Stability

The suspension system in your vehicle was designed to maximize the contact your vehicle’s tires have with the roads. It’s why when you drive over rough roads or gravel, you still feel comfortable and confident in your vehicle’s steering ability. It’s also why you don’t feel every bump and inconsistency on the road. At LMC Complete Automotive in Spring, Texas, we want to make sure that every drive is a smooth one. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art repair and maintenance tools to properly realign the system or fix any failing parts. Whether it’s poor wheel alignment or a broken ball joint, we handle any issue with the quality and care you’d only expect at the dealership.

Need Suspension Service?

Without a functioning suspension system, a smooth drive quickly turns into a rough ride. It’s important that the suspension system is always performing at its best, and the best way to ensure that is understanding the signs of suspension failure. By knowing the signs, it allows you to quickly notice when something is wrong and act appropriately to fix the problem. If you suspect issues with your vehicle’s suspension system, look out for these common problem signs!

Pulling or Drifting

When the steering wheel is in a neutral position, the vehicle should move in a straight line barring any slopes or hills on the road. You should never have to fight your vehicle to keep it straight, and if so that indicates a wheel misalignment. This can be difficult and dangerous to drive with, so we recommend a realignment service at your first convenience.

If you suspect misalignment in your vehicle, go out to an empty parking lot and, while driving slowly, release the steering wheel. If you notice that the vehicle is pulling one way or the other while the steering wheel is neutral, that indicates a misalignment issue.

Bumpy Drives

One of the main functions of the suspension system is to reduce the impact you feel when on the road. Whether it’s a slight bump or the rumble strips on the highway, the system dampens the impact you’d normally feel. When you start feeling every bump on the road, that indicates something is wrong with the system, and specifically the shock absorbers.

Let Us Help You!

Are you having to fight your vehicle’s steering wheel just to keep it driving straight? Are you feeling that every drive is rough and you can feel every bump on the road? If so, something may be wrong with your vehicle’s suspension system, and LMC Complete Automotive can help with that. Located in Spring, Texas, our ASE Certified technicians utilize the latest diagnostic and repair equipment to determine what’s causing these suspension issues and fix them. By the end of your visit, you’ll be leaving our shop with a smooth driving vehicle. Call our shop at [autolab field=’display_phone’] to schedule your suspension service today! Feel free to visit our shop as well, as we happily accept walk-in clients. We’re located on 23018 Aldine Westfield Road, down the street from Walgreens! We look forward to serving you!