Signs You Need Brake Repair

How to Tell When You Need Professional Service

If there’s one routine maintenance project you shouldn’t ignore, it’s replacing your brakes. And a complete brake repair project is best performed by a professional who knows what they’re doing! Timely brake repair can prevent you from suddenly losing all power in stopping your car. That’s why learning how to spot early signs of bad brakes is essential to avoid driving with dangerously poor braking power. Enjoy hassle-free repair services in Spring, Texas, with LMC Complete Automotive today!

Brake Light Illuminated

Most brake issues start with a warning light. If your brake light is illuminated, it’s typically a sign that there’s an issue with one or more brake components. Stuck calipers, worn-out brake pads, and low brake fluid are all possible symptoms that need to be addressed promptly.

Squealing, Grinding Brakes

Another common sign is unusual brake sounds. When you press down on your brakes, listen for squealing, scraping, or grinding noises. These noises typically start out faint and begin to grow as your brake pads continue to wear out. Although you still may have full braking power, it’s best to stop by your favorite mechanic before your pads start to wear dangerously thin.

Poor Brake Performance

After continuing to drive on your worn-out brake pads, you’ll start to notice a decrease in braking performance. Alternatively, a seized caliper, leak in your brake line, or moisture in your brake fluid could also cause a loss of brake performance. If you continue to drive while you’re experiencing poor brake performance, you could damage your brake rotors or completely lose braking power.

Burning Smell

Worn-out brake pads, stuck calipers, and rusty rear drum brakes can all produce a burning smell as you drive. Whether you’re braking hard or not, looking for this symptom of brake damage and be sure to address it quickly to avoid further damaging these components.

Enjoy Comprehensive Brake Services Today

At LMC Complete Automotive in Spring, TX, our team of ASE-certified technicians is so confident we can solve your brake repair issue that we back up all our parts and labor with a 24
month and 24,000-mile warranty. Schedule a service today to enjoy comprehensive inspections, estimates, and quality repair services to repair your brakes and other essential components of
your vehicle. Don’t let a minor brake issue become a major repair bill, but stop in today to have your brakes inspected and repaired.

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