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Car Steering and Suspension

LMC Complete Automotive & Collision Repair is located in Spring, Texas.

Our repair facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and employed with ASE-certified technicians who know how to fix steering and suspension problems occurring with your vehicle. We service all makes and models of foreign and domestic when it comes to car steering and suspension issues. Does your vehicle shake while driving on the road? Is your vehicle in constant need of wheel alignments? Are you finding yourself repeatedly dealing with tire wear? Do you hear noises when you’re going over speed bumps or just driving on the road? Then your issue might be worn out steering or suspension in your vehicle. It may be time to bring your vehicle in for a steering and suspension check, done by one of our ASE certified technicians. Commonly seen in vehicles driving through city streets, back roads, or dirt roads, worn steering and suspension are common but easily fixable. However, if a problem in either in the steering or suspension is left unchecked, it can commonly lead to more severe problems down the line. Our commitment to our customers is to provide dealer-level steering and suspension service at an affordable price, but most importantly it is the safety of our customers we value most. Leaving your steering and suspension unchecked can be a serious safety risk that may cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Don’t waste your money by leaving your vehicle’s steering and suspension not working at peak performance. Save yourself time and money by bringing your vehicle to LMC Complete Automotive & Collision Repair for a quick car steering and suspension check to ensure your safety to save you time and money.

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Steering & Suspension

At LMC Complete Automotive & Collision Repair in Spring, Texas, we can help reduce the problems that often accompany worn steering and suspension systems. Our trained and certified professionals are second to none in the Spring, TX, and surrounding areas. Come by and assure yourself that you and your vehicle’s steering and suspension are in good hands.

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