How To Know If My Car Needs a Fuel System Cleaning?

Your car’s fuel system plays a key role in its overall performance. The fuel system includes the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, and the fuel injectors. Every part works together to process the fuel that enters your car. It’s up to the fuel system to make sure the gas operates the car like it should. Eventually, the fuel system will need cleaning. Dirt builds up in the fuel system, so you need to flush the system before it contaminates the rest of your car. Here are three signs to tell if your car is due for a fuel system cleaning…


  1. Dirty fuel filter

  2. Choppy fuel pump

  3. Clogged fuel injectors


  1. Dirty Fuel Filter

Starting from the most widespread problem of the fuel system, look to the fuel filter. Fuel filters protect the car from microscopic dust particles and debris entering the fuel tank. However, if the filter is clogged, it will not do any good. In fact, a dirty filter will harm your car even more. Less fuel reaches your engine when the filter is clogged. The engine must overwork to get the car running, which adds stress to the fuel pump. So, look at the fuel filter. If you see brown, black, or any kind of build-up, it’s time for a new filter. Fortunately, fuel filters are an inexpensive fix.


  1. Choppy Fuel Pump

As for to the fuel pump, the most common signs to look for are power surges in your car. You’ll also experience sudden cuts while driving your car, truck or SUV. A failing fuel pump cannot maintain a steady fuel supply, causing the engine to suffer as well. You feel even the slightest change if the fuel pumping is failing. Replace the fuel pump as soon as possible to save the engine. If you wait to get these auto repairs, the engine won’t ignite and the car won’t start.


  1. Fuel Injectors

The third most common way to tell if your fuel system needs cleaning is by checking the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors depend on high precision, so clogged injectors will not work. The smallest problem with the fuel injectors will interrupt the fuel distribution to the engine cylinders. This means combustion is incomplete and the engine will misfire. If the fuel injectors start getting dirty, you’ll notice the check engine light, performance loss, more emissions, and faster fuel consumption.


With time, the fuel injectors are going to get dirty. It’s not your fault, but you will need to take your car in for a fuel system cleaning. Some cleaners mix with gasoline to better clean the injectors and flush out any debris in your fuel system.


Fuel System Cleaning for Your Car

When looking at the fuel system, you’ll realize there are different problems and symptoms that hurt each part. It’s important for you to recognize when there’s a problem. If you see any of these warning signs, visit LMC Complete Automotive & Collision Repair in Spring, Texas. We offer fuel system service and automotive maintenance for your vehicle.


Schedule an appointment online or pull into our shop if you need immediate auto repairs in Spring, Texas. Our technicians are ASE certified for fuel system cleanings, repairs and replacement. Call today and bring your car to LMC Complete Automotive & Collision Repair.


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