Do You Need Wheel Alignment?

These Signs Mean It’s Time to Schedule Service!

A car’s wheel alignment is very important yet very easy to interrupt. Something as simple as hitting a curb or driving over a pothole can cause your vehicle’s wheels to become misaligned, which can then lead to other problems. How can you know if your wheels are out of alignment? Here are five signs to look out for — courtesy of LMC Complete Automotive in Spring, Texas.

  1. Your Tires are Squealing
  2. Tires should be relatively quiet while driving. If yours start squealing on the road, you may need to align your car’s wheels to get them to stop.

  3. The Vehicle Pulls to One Side
  4. Is your car pulling to the right or left? This isn’t normal behavior. Bring your vehicle into an auto center to see if it needs a wheel alignment. Your car is somewhat out of your control, which could lead to a number of safety issues.

  5. The Steering Wheel is Crooked
  6. It is normal for your steering wheel to change directions while you are turning it, but if it stays crooked when you are driving straight, something is wrong. This is actually a telltale sign that your wheels are misaligned and need adjustment so you can maneuver your vehicle properly.

  7. Unusual Tire Wear
  8. If your tires are wearing out unevenly or seem to have worn down too quickly, it is possible that your wheels are not properly aligned. Getting this taken care of as soon as possible can help you improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and save you some trips to the gas station.

  9. You’ve Driven 6,000 Miles
  10. If you aren’t noticing any issues with your wheels but have driven 6,000 miles, it’s time for a checkup. Use this number as a general rule of thumb to make sure that you always keep your wheels properly aligned.

If it’s time for a wheel alignment, LMC Complete Automotive in Spring, Texas can help. Our technicians are ACE Certified and use all of the latest state-of-the-art alignment tools to get your wheels back in shape, no matter what symptoms or causes are at play. Are you ready to schedule your appointment? Call us today or stop in – we accept walk-in appointments!

Written by LMC Complete Automotive

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