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Keeping You Cool All Year Long

When it comes to living in Texas during the summer, nothing is more important to the comfort of your vehicle than the A/C system. For many of us, it’s our escape from the summer heat, and we constantly find ourselves running to our car to stay cool. Because of this heat, it’s important that the system is always functioning properly, and that’s where LMC Complete Automotive can help. Located in Spring, Texas, our ASE Certified technicians inspect what’s going on with the system and perform the necessary repairs to ensure your vehicle is cool and comfortable not just for the summer, but all year long!

Do You Need A/C Repair?

Unlike other components and systems within your vehicle, the A/C system doesn’t need consistent service to maintain a quality level of performance. With that said, it does need a periodic inspection to understand its current condition. This allows you to quickly determine if everything is status quo or if something’s wrong. If you suspect an issue with your vehicle’s system, look out for these classic signs of A/C failure.

Lack of Cold Air

The A/C system should keep your car cool. That’s what it was designed for. A lack of cold air, or no cold air at all, signifies a problem with the system. Unfortunately, there are a variety of causes for this issue and you will need professional help to determine and fix whatever the problem may be. Fortunately, we have answers! Some causes include a low refrigerant level or a failing compressor.

Moldy Smell

Unless you have a specific air freshener in your vehicle, you should never smell anything coming from the A/C unit. A sign of a poor A/C system is when you get a nasty, moldy smell coming from the system. This is typically caused by water leaking from the system and into the air filter. Combine this with the dark, cool nature of the A/C system and you get the perfect environment for mold to grow. Please visit our shop and have the filter replaced immediately, or deal with a smelly vehicle during every drive!

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Any motorists in Texas will tell you how important it is to have a functioning auto A/C system during the summer. Make sure you stay cool and comfortable all summer long by scheduling a visit with LMC Complete Automotive in Springs, Texas. Our ASE Certified technicians will assess the issues with your vehicle’s A/C system and perform the necessary repairs so you can avoid the Texas heat. Have questions about our A/C repair services? Want to schedule a visit? Call our shop at [autolab field=’display_phone’], our professionals are ready to help you! If you’re on a tight schedule, we happily accept walk-in customers so you can visit us on your time! Just stop by our shop at 23018 Aldine Westfield Road, down the street from Walgreens! We look forward to serving you!